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Lawn Care

To Get Started:

Your lawn is already pre-measured so you can receive instant pricing when you call an Aera Green representative will set up your lawn program with a seasonal schedule of applications you may prepay for the season and enjoy additional savings or pay as you go with no binding contracts.


Your Program:

  • 7 Natural feedings of fertilizers and weed controls to condition the lawn and soil
  • 1 Customized soil  conditioner  application
  • Unlimited FREE service calls anytime during the season

Our Gurantee:

We guarantee that the products that we use on your property are of the highest quality available and that they are applied by a clean cut, knowledgeable licensed technician. If you are not satisfied with an application, we will return and re treat for free of charge.


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Soil Conditioners

Most soils in Utah tend to have very PH deficiencies or lack of the minerals necessary to produce.


Most Utahn’s struggle with clay soils that are literally strangling the root systems of their grass.

Fungicide Treatment

If your lawn is looking sick, give us a call and we can identify the reason and treat the issue.



Ornamental turf insects can cause lawn damage that if not corrected can destroy a lawn in a season.


Questions and answers

Soil Microbes

Not all soils are created equal especially here in the intermountain west.