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Ornamental turf insects can cause lawn damage that if not corrected can destroy a lawn in a season. We get many calls for various damage to lawns if various patterns but they are not always grubs. Billbugs, webworms, wireworms, cutworms, chingbugs are a few nasty insects that in the larvae stage can munch up a lawn real fast.

Grubs are one of the most misdiagnosed insects in Utah. Aera Green’s technicians are licensed and qualified to diagnose the insect and the remedy application(s) to control the insect.

Lawn grub control is a preventative service, and will keep grubs and other larvae at bay, maintaining your lawn’s health and beauty. Having the treatment done earlier in the year is a good way to keep grubs away before they even have a chance to invade. Summer is a great time to have the grub control treatment done, as they thrive in the fall. Keep Grubs and their insect friends away and your lawn looking good all year with Aera Green lawn grub control!