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Question and answer:

Q: What exactly is overseeding?
A: Overseeding is the application of seed to an existing lawn.

Q: When should I have my yard seeded?
A: The hot months will cause too much stress for a seed to germinate and seeding should only be done in the fall or spring.

Q: We’ve had our yard seeded before but didn’t see a big difference, why?
A: Good question.  Many homeowners and contractors will just dropspread seed directly onto the turf. This will not help unless conditions are virtually perfect.  WE NEVER DO THAT.  Overseeding should only performed after aeration. Aeration will decrease the mortality rate of the seed by about 50%.  Other factors to increase seed germination are soil conditioners, proper irrigation practices, adequate fertilizers and keeping dogs and kids off the lawn.

Q: What kind of seed do you use?
A: We custom tailor a cool season lawn seed blend to your yard.  All of the seeds that we use are drought tolerant and disease resistant.   Aera Green's technicians are the best at making your lawn look great.  We guarantee it!  Call or click to set up an appointment.