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The Utah desert climate can be very harsh on cool season grasses. In order to make it through the seasons and the heat of the summer with a stress free lawn a properly designed and engineered sprinkler system is vital. Whether you need a new sprinkler system, sprinkler repair work and/or modifications, a sprinkler design, or just want to save money on your next water bill we can help!

Aera Green’s technicians are the best in best in the business and fully licensed and qualified to handle any problem you may have.  

Sprinkler Installation
Sprinkler Repair
Sprinkler Maintenance Program

"I saw their truck in my subdivision so I called them to come over and give me a quote to replace a valve that was leaking.  I had another company look at it a week before and they said I needed to re-do half of my back yard sprinklers.  I wish i could remember the guys name but he was polite and was able to do a quick fix and saved me a ton of money.  I definitly will call Aera Green again."

---Mark in Pleasant Grove

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