Aera Green, Inc.

Sprinkler Maintenance Program

Your sprinkler, much like your vehicle will not run properly without the proper care. Without the proper upkeep you sprinkler your sprinkler system will start to break down and cause stress spots eventually killing the turf or shrubbery.

Economy Plan: Includes the spring start up, fall winterization with compressed air.

Standard Plan: Includes the spring start up, fall winterization with compressed air, plus a summer service.

Spring Start Up

  • Turn the water on to sprinkler system. Inspect plumbing and main water source connection.  
  • Perform back flow valve test (If applicable) Activate controller, set watering schedule.
  • Install new battery when applicable.  
  • Test the rain sensor when applicable. 
  • Test all underground electrical valves in system.  
  • Check cleanliness of all lines, heads and nozzles.
  • Trim sod from around all heads and flush as necessary.
  • Inspect and adjust each sprinkler head for proper coverage.
  • Repair line breaks and broken sprinklers if needed.
  • All repairs will be brought to your attention.
  • Clean filters.

Summer Visit

  • Turn on and check controller and valves for proper operation.
  • Check and adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage and water distribution. It will help for the entire sprinkler system to use water more efficiently.  
  • Re-set controller for proper seasonal watering schedule. It will save you money by reducing your water bill.  
  • Any necessary repairs are brought to your attention.

Fall Winterization

  • Turn off water at point of connection
  • Shut off timer
  • Flush out all sprinkler lines with compressed air
  • Open valves